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Cornwall - Geevor Tin Mine

Cornwall - Geevor Tin Mine

Until very recently, Geevor was an operating mine and is built on a steep slope. As a result some areas of the site are not accessible to those with mobility or visual impairments.

  • We would like everybody to be able to visit us, and enjoy the full site, and are working towards this aim. Currently there is wheelchair access to the museum, a number of the mine buildings and many surface areas. We also offer guided tours around the site and underground to those with visual impairments and guide dogs are permitted everywhere on site, including the underground section.
  • If you have limited mobility or visual impairment and would like further information, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Come to Geevor to see how the process of extracting and processing tin actually took place. The miners searched for tin deep in the ground and far below the sea. Nowadays you can walk through narrow 18th century tunnels with a guide who vividly brings to life the conditions of those times.

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