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RAF Museum Cosford - The National Cold War Exhibition

RAF Museum Cosford - The National Cold War Exhibition

The Royal Air Force Museum offers free admission and parking, along with easy access for all visitors.

  • Access around the Museum is easy with wide aisles for pushchairs and wheelchairs.
  • Wheelchairs and electronic scooters are available free, on a first come first served basis.
  • Friendly staff are available to assist with almost anything.
  • Fully accessible shop, restaurant and toilets.

    Thursday 8th February 2007 marks the grand opening of The National Cold War Exhibition, the first major and permanent exhibition to focus solely on the Cold War story.

    Revealing tensions that tormented the great super powers as well as the people of the world for a large part of the 20th century, this exciting new exhibition hall marks the biggest ever expansion in the history of the Royal Air Force Museum.

    Covering over 8,000 square metres, the new landmark building is a highly innovative design by architects Fielden, Clegg, Bradley, with exhibition design by Neal Potter. It takes the form of two massive triangles divided by a central walkway, representing a world divided by opposing ideologies of the democratic countries and the communist bloc.

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