Blackbrook Zoological Park

 Blackbrook Zoological Park
Address: Winkhill
Near Leek
Tel:01538 308293

Disabled facilities - most areas and building are accessible.
Toilets situated behind the shop.
Baby changing facilities situated behind the shop
Set amid the Staffordshire Moorlands, Blackbrook Zoological Park has developed into a large and varied collection of some of the most rare and endangered species to be found in the world.

Blackbrook was established in 1991 by my mum, Mrs Diana Holloway and myself, Mark Rubery. My mum was a great lady who was determined to make Blackbrook a huge success as a zoological park, a place for education and as a fantastic breeding ground for birds and animals. Following mums sudden death in 2006, I took over the park with a view to develop it with the same passion and enthusiasm that my mum had shown.

As a tribute to mum, I closed the park throughout the winter months of 2006 to develop a wonderful new entrance and store. The entrance includes a lovely waterfall set in a beautifully prepared garden with a walkway up to the brand new store. The old store has been converted into a fantastic new deli that offers various snacks, drinks and pastries, plus a range of condiment and confectionery gifts.

Over the next few years, I have many plans to develop the park including a new section called ‘Icelandic Island’. Icelandic Island will be home to many great birds including penguins and puffins. The area will be transformed to mimic Antarctica so that the birds will feel right at home here. Each year, I hope to add something extra special to the park for everybody to enjoy now and in the future

Every visitor that comes to Blackbrook is surprised at the wide variety of birds, animals, reptiles and fish on view.

Many unusual species of birds are now at home here, including the largest collection of wildfowl to be seen in the British Isles, the swans and geese are of particular interest and do well in the moorland climate. Around the grounds are various aviaries housing a rapidly growing collection of Pheasants and Softbills.

Also to be seen at Blackbrook are the largest collection of Cranes and Storks in the British Isles along with Ibis, Owls, Kookaburras and many others and some species are part of International Breeding Programmes. An exciting new exhibit at Blackbrook in 2000, was the Vulture enclosure which houses three of the worlds species of Vulture including the massive Ruppells Vulture and the smaller North American Turkey Vulture, and we are delighted to have breeding success with the latter. Other new arrivals are the Cassowaries and Ostriches, also a fantastic collection of Sea Ducks has been added. On entering Blackbrook you are greeted with the glorious sight of our group of Greater Flamingos wading on their lake. These all provide some amazing sights and sounds.

There is a bird rearing area, where the various antics of chicks and ducklings can be watched during the spring and early summer. A variety of domestic Waterfowl are on view, many of them prize winners at major shows during the winter months. The Waterfowl range from the massive African Geese to Indian Runner Ducks and Miniature Call Ducks.

Blackbrook now has a rapidly growing number of mammals settles in, which include porcupines, Raccoons, Ring Tailed Lemurs, Meerkats to Giant Marmots, Sitatungas, Capybaras and Guanacos. There are miniature Donkeys, South American Alpacas, miniature Zebu Cattle at home in the childrens farm. The Pets Corner at Blackbrook houses Rabbits, Chipmunks, and many, many more. A popular feature also, is our Aquarium with it is is ferocious Piranhas, and Electric Eels.

The worlds largest pigeon, the Blue Crowned Pigeon from Papa New Guinea can be seen, as can various species of small Sharks, Rays and Lobsters in the centre pool with cascading waterfalls. As well as 18ft long Pythons, the massive Goliath Bird eating Spider, Salamanders, and lots more. This exhibit has proved a hit with all, as always at Blackbrook we have no intention of standing still.

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