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Argentina Argentina (5)Australia Australia (40)
Austria Austria (15)Barbados Barbados (1)
Belgium Belgium (14)Brazil Brazil (8)
Canada Canada (10)Channel Islands Channel Islands (1)
Cyprus Cyprus (9)Czech Republic Czech Republic (16)
Denmark Denmark (5)Egypt Egypt (2)
England England (60)Estonia Estonia (3)
France France (15)Germany Germany (81)
Greece Greece (5)Holland Holland (26)
Hungary Hungary (8)Iceland Iceland (3)
Ireland Ireland (42)Italy Italy (41)
Japan Japan (9)Kenya Kenya (1)
Malaysia Malaysia (9)New Zealand New Zealand (5)
Norway Norway (3)Poland Poland (37)
Portugal Portugal (8)Scotland Scotland (21)
Slovakia Slovakia (1)South Africa South Africa (1)
Spain Spain (48)St  Vincent St Vincent (1)
Sweden Sweden (15)Switzerland Switzerland (13)
Thailand Thailand (1)Turkey Turkey (1)
USA USA (71)Wales Wales (5)
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