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The Disabled Workers Co-operative - We Need Your Support

Since our funding ended at the beginning of the year I have been keeping the project going, with the voluntary support of Dean, whose contract ended with the lottery grant, on the reserves we had built up over the previous 3 years. However this reserve is now exhausted.

I feel this is a worthwhile project that has helped many disabled people to find work and employment, and I am committed to keeping the project going.

We are still hopeful of securing European Funding hopefully at the beginning of next year when the Welsh Assembly and WEFO has finalised arrangements for this. This is of course not certain and we are continuing to seek funding from elsewhere but this seems to be becoming increasingly difficult. In order to keep the project going, whilst we try and secure future funding, we have closed our Llandovery office and I will now be working without pay from my home address. Of course the project will still incur expenses such as website hosting, accountancy fees, telephone, postage, stationary etc. so I hope you will continue to support the work we are doing.

I if you feel there are ways to can help either with securing ongoing funding our promoting the work we do to achieve greater public awareness please don't hesitate to contact me.

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