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Connect2u Disability Forum

Is for people with disabilities, their carers and anybody with an interest in disability issues.

Initially designed for people living in Surrey and surrounding areas, the site is regularly used by people throughout the U.K.

Connect2u offers a range of information which is accessible through the links at the top of each page.

Connect2u was also created to provide a platform for people to share experiences and views (by sending in messages and articles), to help and support each other, and to provide a contact point.

The creator and editor of this site, Rachel is a full time wheelchair user following an accident in 1991 when she broke her back. In spite of a long working life which included, working for the NHS, graduating in Social Policy and managing disability advocacy services, she found the path following her accident to be bumpy and littered with hurdles of one sort or another.

She found that the most frustrating aspect of all this was the difficulty in accessing the right information for
the right aspect of building or maintaining a full and independent life. This was what led her to create this
site in an attempt to provide a wide range of useful information and a platform for disabled people (whose
combined knowledge and experiences are probably the best but most under-used resource of all) to share
information to help and support each other.

If you have a disability, are a Carer or have an interest in disability issues, this site is for you.
The site was created for people living in Surrey and surrounding areas but now has regular
readers from all over the country and from abroad.

We try to bring information we think will help or be of interest, BUT we also know that disabled people have
knowledge and experiences that would be of great value to others. We therefore ask you to share your
knowledge and experiences with us, good or bad, by sending in Articles, Messages or suggestions for
topics you would like to read about.

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