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Adaptive Skiing

Adaptive skiing provides people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of snow sports at resorts and facilities throughout North America. This resource informs adaptive skiers of all levels how they can access and enjoy programs at many of the major resorts in the US and Canada.

The roots of adaptive skiing stemmed in Europe around the time of the Second World War but in 1967 Disabled Sports USA was set up by a group of Vietnam veterans. The organisation was initially known as the National Amputee Skiers Association. It was started to help returning injured servicemen fighting in the Vietnam War.

There have been many ground-breaking introductions of adaptive ski equipment over the years. The first ski outriggers were created around 1970. These were followed by a list of other game-changing devices in the sport including the ski bra in 1974, which prevents ski tips from crossing, the first sit ski in 1978 and the mono ski in 1984.

In the early 1990s adaptive skiing moved on from a recreational and rehabilitating sport to a more advanced network of community programs and competitions. In 1992 adaptive skiing was first accepted into the Paralympics.

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