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Hosiery for your legs

Many of us have problems with our legs that affect us every day. There are as many different conditions and consideration as you can count, and it can be confusing at times, getting something that helps with your legs.

Well, there are a few leg wear designers that have decided to make something that you`ll love and something that`ll help you with varicose veins and circulation issues.

Designers like Elbeo have been making various compression tights designs for years and each one is great for so many different needs. They make Elbeo compression tights with a very light compression and leg wear that is so powerful that there`s really nothing that it can`t handle.

This designer is the best all round brand for this kind of leg wear, making tights, stockings and knee highs from factor 6 to 12.

Another great choice is Bahner, a German designer that also makes hold ups, something that not everyone else does. Bahner have always specialised in compression leg wear that is designed for larger ladies and for those who need a higher compression factor. This designer is one of only a handful of names out there that produce items in larger sizes. And, with their leg wear having a compression factor of up to 14, you`ll find that any issues you have with your legs and feet will be taken care of by Bahner`s designs.

These two designers are not the only ones that make support tights, but they are two names that jump to mind and two that specialise in this kind of thing. You definitely want to go with a specialist designer too, rather than one that makes every kind of leg wear you can imagine. Being a specialist at one kind of leg wear is very important when the kind of hosiery you`re talking about is one that`s so technical.

Choose something by Elbeo or Bahner and you`ll have high quality leg wear for any occasion and for any ailment, no matter your size and taste in clothing, that keeps you feeling healthy and happy all day long.

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