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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Which WAV is best for me?

We have the largest online showroom of wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale from specialist dealers and private sellers across the UK - if you are searching for a car with wheelchair access then we can help you find the perfect WAV to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to buy a small used wheelchair accessible car or a brand new vehicle on the Motability scheme you can browse and compare to find your perfect WAV.

A WAV is short for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and are cars with wheelchair access that have been converted with a ramp or lift so that access is easy and the wheelchair user is able to remain in their own chair for the journey. There are however many types of WAV’s and if you are thinking of buying a wheelchair access vehicle you need to choose the vehicle that is right for you and fits in with your own particular lifestyle and mobility needs. If you have a manual wheelchair or a mobility scooter and need space for 2 or 3 additional passengers then a small WAV, such as the popular Renault Kangoo or Peugeot Partner, would be suitable. For that little extra room or an additional passenger then a Vauxhall Zafira or the Kia Sedona - the Sedona being a very nice luxury WAV. For an electric wheelchair then a platform lift is often required and therefore a slightly larger vehicle is needed, such as a Volkswagen Caddy. There are many different conversions and vehicles to consider, all designed to make travelling better - from a winch to assist in getting the wheelchair up the ramp, a lowered floor for larger wheelchairs to wheelchair passenger ride up front - or even drive from WAV’s where you can drive the car from a wheelchair. Our dealers are always happy to help with any questions and can source the perfect WAV for you.

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