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Lincolnshire - Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary

North Parade
Skegness PE25 1DB Eastern England UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1754 764345
web : Lincolnshire - Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Natureland Seal Sanctuary is a compact site with gentle gradients and alternative routes are available for the less mobile. Thus making it ideal for older visitors as well as those with mobility problems.

  • Reduced rates available for registered disabled visitors - £4.20
  • Fully accessible shop and Cafe
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Guide dogs welcomed

    Natureland first opened it's doors in 1965 and attracts thousands of visitors every year, many of whom return time and time again.

    Our Seals
    Our 'resident' seals are Common (Harbour) seals. Some of the adult seals in the Sanctuary Bay pool were our original babies rescued and reared in the late 1960's.

    The Penguins at Natureland are known as Black-footed or Jackass Penguins from their strange braying noises; they live in 'rookeries' of hundreds of thousands on the islands off Cape Town.There they breed in the southern spring and summer -from October- and in the English climate they keep the same rhythm, which means that the two eggs are due to hatch towards Christmas.

    Seal Rescue

    Every year, particularly during the breeding season, seal pups are washed up on the beaches around Skegness, abandoned or separated from their mothers by the treacherous tides. The lucky ones are brought into Natureland's Seal Hospital where they are cared for using a method researched since 1966. This method has proved so successful that many are safely reared each year, all of which would have died if they had been left on the beach

    Pets Corner

    The Pets Corner is always popular with its collection of really tame domestic animals. Goats and turkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs are permanent residents, joined in the summer by calves from a Lincolnshire farm. These are the only exhibits, along with the Koi Carp, that may be fed by the visitors. The racks are always stacked with hay and at the nearby giftshop, packets of suitable food may be bought.


    Wide variety of fish to see ranging from:

  • Tropical Freshwater Fish
  • Tropical Marine Fish
  • Coldwater Marine Fish
  • Invertebrates

    The Tropical House

    The Tropical House contains a variety of animals, mainly reptiles and creepy crawlies!

    Floral Palace

    In the three sections of the Floral Palace you will find a great range of plant life from cacti and other succulents found in the deserts of Arizona and California, through the flowers and shrubs typical of Mediterranean lands, to the orchids and food plants of the moist tropics. In addition to this we also have a selection of tropical birds and butterflies.

    (April - September inclusive) - Our refreshment kiosk is open selling hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, ice creams, sweets etc.
    In Winter (October - March) - Hot and cold drinks and sweets are available

    Feeding times

    Feeding times for the seals and penguins are announced over the public address system, but can be verified prior to your visit


    Dogs are admitted but must be kept on a leash (They are not allowed in the Floral Palace)

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    Adopt an Animal
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    Seal Rescue
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    Friends of the Seal Hospital
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