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Somerset - Fleet Air Arm Museum

Somerset - Fleet Air Arm Museum

The main entrance to the museum is up a flight of stairs. We realise that not everyone will be able to use this entrance, so there is a ground floor entrance to the left of the main staircase for visitors in wheelchairs or any others who have limited mobility/disability, and for families with young children in pushchairs.

  • 95% of the museum is accessible to people in wheelchairs. The exceptions being the interior of Concorde 002, the Brush with War and Merlin Experience Gallery in Hall 2.
  • The Museum has several wheelchairs for visitors to use - free of charge. Please contact the Information Centre
  • Concession Rate of Admission is £7 for the Disabled
  • Group Visits for the Disabled is £5 - There are no restrictions on the size of your group, but we request that the minimum number in a party should be 12 people. The museum can provide a guide for your group, again there is no restriction on numbers, the guide service is provided by our Society of Friends, they are all volunteers who give up their spare time to make your visit more enjoyable. Because this service is voluntary we request you book your guide at least two weeks prior to your visit.

    History of Aviation in the Royal Navy

    In 1912 a Royal Navy aircraft took off from a platform built for the purpose over the forecastle of HMS HIBERNIA in Weymouth Bay, the first time an aircraft had ever taken off from a ship under way at sea.

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