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Cornwall - Pencarrow

Cornwall - Pencarrow

House Facilities:

Disabled access:
The ground floor of the House is accessible for wheelchairs. If you cannot walk up the stairs, which are shallow but quite long, your admission price is halved. We have a tape recording of the upstairs tour, which you can listen to and then rejoin your tour as they come back downstairs. There is at least one chair in each room if you cannot stand for long.
For disabled and those unable to walk far is just outside the House Entrance. A ramp can be provided for the few steps into the House. For the Tea rooms you may park just outside.
Garden Facilities:
Wheelchair Access:
The paths are hard and mostly level but the Gardens are listed and old, so we ask for your understanding that it is not all tarmac! There are gentle slopes on the walk to the American Gardens but wheelchair users with strong arms or motors have said it is worth the effort! There are 2 ramps onto and off the grass on the East Lawn. There are steps around the garden. We have a leaflet at the house or Craft Gallery which shows you where these are. The tea rooms and craft gallery are both wheelchair friendly.
Toilets are situated near the tea rooms and there is a toilet suitable for disabled use. There is also a baby-changing mat in the ladies toilet.

The House
This is the home of the Molesworth-St Aubyns and definitely a lived-in house, not a museum! You will see all the things the family loves best, including their photos, hats on the classical statues and the grandchildrens toys left around - just like your home! The smell of lunch being prepared wafts through from the private quarters, making you anticipate with pleasure your imminent visit to the tearooms for your own meal. Jackson and Sambo, the family pet dogs, love to welcome visitors too and often join in the guided tour! This is just a brief introduction to the House - a real tour with our friendly and enthusiastic guides is a pleasure not to be missed!

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